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Recycling Retro Instagram Post online in NBC Today Show Food article on Pyrex!

So, somewhere in the evening on July 28th, I started noticing my follows on Instagram increasing.  And there were no mentions or notifications in my feed to explain what was going on.  I even tried googling info on "weird increases in follows" and really found nothing that might explain what was happening.  Then Saturday morning a customer emailed me to let me know that one of my photos was getting national exposure due to this Today Show online piece on Pyrex (thanks Judy!).  The mystery was solved and I am so excited about my Instagram post being in the article.  They looked at the hashtag #pyrexjunkie and discovered over 12,000 posts and chose 3 to feature.  And the second one was my post featuring the Pyrex Primary colors mixing bowls and refrigerator dishes.  As my customer said in her email - Wowee!!  Here's a link to the article:  NBC Today Show Food 

Just a reminder there will be no Picnic Music + Arts Festival in Portland this summer because Lincoln Park is undergoing extensive renovations.  And another reminder that the Picnic Holiday Sale will be moving to Thompson's Point this December.  Dates to be announced.


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